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Tu - pronounced as /too/ with high pitch - is a designer based in Southern California, originally from Sai Gon, Viet Nam. 

Tu has been interested in art and design since she was very young. She got her first creative work back in 2008 during summer break of junior year in high school. The artwork got a thumb up from her first client which made Tu decided to pursuit a career in design field, and she has experienced different types of creative projects since then. She was formally trained to be an Industrial Designer and got the mindset of thinking how human sees products from it. As a result, Tu develops her philosophy in design: make it works and make it beautiful. She believes a design should always mean to make human life better in style.

Tu is currently working full time as graphic designer at Axiocore Corporation. She is responsible for art directives and execution of packaging, marketing materials, social media contents, and exhibition stands. Also, Tu always ensures that every new art direction must flow well with the brands' original identity.

Tu is always looking forward to work on new projects. She specializes in product & packaging development, branding, and product photography. If you are interested in Tu's designs and want to work with her, please do not hesitate to shoot her an email at nguyen.minh.tus@gmail.com or simply fill in the form below. Tu will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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